The word “BUT”

This three letter word “But” have made people not to make a positive move, If you want to be successful in whatever you do in life the main word you must be conscious of is the negative use of the word “But”. When you want to achieve something worthwhile. When you want to move to another greater level, When your life want to change. That small word “But” will come into your mind. “But” I can’t do it now, but it’s difficult, but they may criticize me”………
I remembered the time I wanted to leave my comfort zone and seal on my own lane many thought came into my mind. What if I did not make it. What if It did not work. What if they criticize me. All this are “But influence”
The obstacles you see in your life are “but” related. They always looks to favour you but never mind they are there to confuse and distract your good ideas. They always appear in a good uniform. Never mind their intuition. They are against you and you must fight it with your utmost effort.
Whenever you want to take a good step and the word “But” comes into your mind. Make every effort you can to overcome it, at the back of it is your success. You must realize that negative use of the word “But” more than dangerous. “But” is the mother of procrastination and is a brother to failure. Learn how to use it and be successful
Let all your “But” be directly related to your success. Invest your “But”, be cautious of its negative impact in your life. Let it remind you the more reason why you should not listen to its negative values.
Get in line and stay in line.

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